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Extremely cold freezing temperatures are forecast for the first week of 2017. When we encounter temperatures approaching 32 degrees and below, action must be taken to protect your swimming pool equipment and piping. We all know that standing water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. When water freezes, it expands, or grows in space. This expansion can cause damage by breaking plastic pipe or plastic pumps and filters. It can even […]

        Swim Chem’s Comprehensive Conservation Awareness   At Swim Chem we are committed to helping our customers conserve as much water and energy as possible.   In today’s world everyone is more aware that resources are limited.   It is important to be more water and energy efficient in operating our homes and businesses.   Our president, Jerry Wallace, also serves as the chairman of the board for the California Pool […]

Ask Our Pool Expert, Jerry Wallace If you own a pool or spa, or would like to, you may have some questions about water chemistry, the best pool equipment, and much more. When you have been in the pool and spa industry as long as we have, you understand pool care, water chemistry, and all things pool and spa, almost second nature. Our own Jerry Wallace was recently asked to […]