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Being Good For Your Community

At Swim Chem we believe being a successful business means more than  keeping the doors open….it means being good for your community! We provide our community with quality swimming pool products and services at fair prices…..and we’ve been doing it for over 46 years now! But that’s not enough! We provide good jobs with fair pay, good insurance and benefits for our team members and their families. But that’s not enough.

45th anniversary

We try very hard to be good stewards of our natural resources and recycle. We provide our customers with the option of receiving their bills electronically instead of paper statements in the mail. We offer electronic bill pay options to our customers as well. This saves trees and minimizes the impact on our landfills. We recycle at our facilities. We recycle paper, cardboard, bottles, glass, and metals. But that’s not enough.

Our newest venture into recycling is recycling swimming pool water. Yes, I said recycling swimming pool water. Over the course of time minerals and undesirable items build up in swimming pool water. When the water becomes saturated with too much of these, they need to be dealt with. Historically, the remedy has been to drain the 15,000-25,000 gallons of swimming pool water down the drain and refill it with fresh water. Not exactly being a good steward of our limited natural resource…water! We are now able to recycle this over saturated water through Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filtration and return most of it back to the pool…..purified!! We call it the PuriPool Process. But that’s not enough.


We feel that we need to give back to our community. Swim Chem is proud to be an Allegiant Giving Partner company. Allegiant Giving is a group of businesses that have come together as a charitable organization to support “Today’s Hero’s and Tomorrow’s Leaders”. Those being our military veterans, especially the injured, and our youth through educational and athletic programs. The Allegiant Giving Partners have realized that we can do so much more as an organized group than we can as individual companies. It is an honor to work with these like minded companies.

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This is why we consider Swim Chem a successful business and being good for your community!