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Comprehensive Conservation Awareness



Swim Chem’s Comprehensive Conservation Awareness


At Swim Chem we are committed to helping our customers conserve as much water and energy as possible.   In today’s world everyone is more aware that resources are limited.   It is important to be more water and energy efficient in operating our homes and businesses.


Our president, Jerry Wallace, also serves as the chairman of the board for the California Pool and Spa Association.  He is committed to setting the highest industry standards in environmental citizenship as well as business practices.


We are proud to offer the following environmentally-friendly services and products:


Save Water!

  • To prevent damage to your plaster and tile, your pool water should be purified or have it drained approximately every five years. PuriPool reverse osmosis purification service recycles an average of 85% of the water in your pool as opposed to a 100% drain and refill.    This conserves approximately 15,300 gallons in an average size residential pool.

In fact our PuriPool reverse osmosis system recycled 314,225 gallons of swimming pool water in its first 3.5 months of operation this year.

  • Pool covers are 93% effective in reducing evaporation.


Save Energy!

  • If you still have a conventional pump, consider replacing it with a new energy-efficient variable speed pump. During the summer your pool pump runs many hours.   Upgrading provides a 75% savings in energy use and gives you a full payback in 12-18 months, depending on your provider.   Many utility providers offer rebates for this upgrade.
  • Convert from halogen or incandescent bulbs to LED pool lights and save!!


Trust the PROS!!  

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