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Excessive Rain Can Cause Problems

Extreme rainfall can sometimes cause problems with swimming pools. They may get hazy or even slightly green afterwards! This is caused by all of the impurities washing into the pool with the rain! In extreme cases, yards with poor drainage or design can even get excess runoff of rainwater into the pool. Sometimes planter areas overflow into the pool and take dirt with it! Some pools may even turn a muddy brown! We cannot prevent this!

If your pool turns hazy or slightly green, please run your filter continuously and it should clear within a couple of days. Please make sure that all of your baskets are kept clean so that the filter will operate efficiently. The best thing to do is to not allow excess water to flow into the pool. If drainage is a problem, try sandbagging to redirect the water and prevent it from flowing into the pool. It may be beneficial to review your landscaping and see if there are things that can be done to minimize the potential for water to flow into the pool.

If we need to make extra trips to clear up these situations, we will have to charge additional trip charges. Once again, prevention is the best policy!