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Fall Season Is Here

We have reached the beginning of the Fall season. The younger kids are all back in school and the older ones are off to their colleges! With the change of season, we have less daylight hours so adjust the times on your scheduled lighting and keep up with the changes. We have cooler temperatures, leaves starting to fall off of the trees and a bit more of the breeze. Adjust your filtration system for the optimum run times for your backyard and swimming pool environment. If you get a lot of leaves, you may want to increase your automatic pool cleaner run time by an hour or so to keep the pool clean. The end of summer heading into fall and winter is a good time to clean your filter and get rid of all the summer yuk and prepare it for the winter season. As the wind picks up, keep an eye on your baskets and make sure they do not get plugged with leaves. This could lead to damaged pumps, motors and plumbing. Stay on top of things and address them early. Little problems don’t go away….they become bigger problems.  Swim Chem service customers watch your statements for stuffers on our fall and winter specials! And remember to call Swim Chem if we can help you!