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Freezing Temperatures Can Damage Pool Equipment

Extremely cold freezing temperatures are forecast for later this week. When we encounter temperatures approaching 32 degrees and below, action must be taken to protect your swimming pool equipment and piping. We all know that standing water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. When water freezes, it expands, or grows in space. This expansion can cause damage by breaking plastic pipe or plastic pumps and filters. It can even crack bronze or brass components! Water that is in motion however, is much harder to freeze.

The best way to protect your equipment and piping is to run your equipment during the time we encounter these freezing temperatures. As an example, most of the manufacturers of computerized control systems for swimming pool equipment include freeze protection in their logic. They have an air temperature sensor and when the air temperature reaches their preset temperature, the system is automatically turned on and it runs until the temperature reaches a safe level. If your system has a computerized control system, check your owners manual to learn about this feature.

If your pool is operated by mechanical timeclocks or manual on/off switches, you must take action to protect your equipment and piping. We suggest you set your timeclocks to run, or manually turn on the system during the times that we are expected to encounter freezing temperatures. This usually means running your system from late at night until mid morning. In more extreme temperatures you may need to run your system continuously until the temperature rises above freezing.

There is a module available to add a freeze protection sensor to mechanical timeclocks. It can be installed in most cases for under $250. A relatively small price to pay to protect your equipment and piping. The freeze that hit in late Dec. 1990 and Jan. 1991 caused severe damage to those who were not quick to act to protect their investment!

Don’t hesitate Be prepared for this. It is coming. We do not recommend just turning your system off. There may be water in the system that could freeze and cause damage! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call our office!