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Important information regarding your pool and electricity conservation!!

We are obviously all concerned with the electricity crisis that we are facing here in California. Conservation should be in all of our minds. However, as a pool owner you must make decisions that will conserve when possible, yet still provide you with the crystal clear water that we all enjoy and protect the investment that you have made in your backyard! Remember inadequate filtration can lead to cloudy water and even contribute to pools turning green! The cost of cleaning up these problems is usually more than what was saved! Please do conserve, but conserve cautiously and wisely!

We urge you to use caution when reducing the number of hours that your filtration system is operating on a daily basis. Do not make large cuts at one time. If you want to reduce your filtration time, start by reducing it by One hour. A better alternative would be to reduce the amount of time that your automatic pool cleaner pump operates. Most pools can be cleaned by an automatic cleaner in as little as two or three hours per day! Another way to help is to set your filtration system to run during non-peak use hours. Running your filter in the middle of the night. After 9:00 P.M. would be a good time to start your filter cycle.

Below is a chart that shows approximate costs to operate pumps of various horsepower. Pump technology has advanced significantly in the last ten years. Many of the older style pumps required a large horsepower to provide satisfactory water flow. Today we can pump about the same amount of water with a lot less horsepower. If you have an older 1½ or 2 horsepower pump, you might consider replacing it with a newer ¾ or 1 horsepower pump. This will save you significantly (more than by filtering for one hour less per day) without reducing your filter time and help conserve electricity! It is a win, win situation! If you have questions, please call our office!!