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Introducing the Puripool Process!!

conservation-v1Introducing the Puripool Process!!
Swim Chem is happy to introduce the Puripool Process to the greater Sacramento swimming pool market! Periodically swimming pools need to be drained due to high calcium hardness (CH), high total dissolved solids (TDS), excessive cyanuric acid (CYA) levels, high salt content and many other reasons. Some of these are caused or contributed to by the normal course of evaporation and refill and/or through the addition of chemicals. Historically the remedy has been to drain the pool and refill it with fresh water. After 4 years of drought, pumping 15-20,000 gallons of water down the drain is frowned upon. Now there is a better way! The can process out these undesirables and return approximately 85% of the water back to the pool with approximately 15% returned to the water treatment system for re-use. This is a multi stage process which culminates with Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration to remove these undesirables. There are only so many compensating adjustments that can be made to keep the water balanced. Eventually more drastic corrective action is necessary! Don’t drain..Puripool!!
After 4 years of drought and increasing regulation on water uses, it is time that we realize that water is a very precious natural resource and we as a society must be better stewards! We will not rain and snow our way out of this drought with one above normal year. We can’t count on El Nino every year! Conserve now!!
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$550 for pools up to 25,000 gallons

10% Discount for Swim Chem service customers ($495)
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