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                    It’s about SCIENCE, SERVICE, and INTEGRITY. SCIENCE SCIENCE is at the core of the SERVICE we provide. Without the proper scientific knowledge, we cannot maintain your investment or our INTEGRITY. Our managers and technicians are trained to know how various chemicals interact with different water conditions. We know how […]

Weather experts are projecting 2-4 inches of rainfall over the weekend of Jan. 7-9, 2017. This could be the heaviest series of rainstorms in the last 10 years leading to localized flooding and heavy river flows. The most important thing is to prepare your home and family to be safe during the event. Secondarily is […]

Today I was privileged to meet with the Regional Water Authority (RWA) here in Sacramento, CA. The RWA is a joint powers authority representing two dozen water providers and affiliates in the greater Sacramento region. I presented to their committee of water conservation specialists on ways for current swimming pool owners to be water wise […]