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Extremely cold freezing temperatures are forecast for the first week of 2017. When we encounter temperatures approaching 32 degrees and below, action must be taken to protect your swimming pool equipment and piping. We all know that standing water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. When water freezes, it expands, or grows in space. This expansion can cause damage by breaking plastic pipe or plastic pumps and filters. It can even […]

It’s about SCIENCE, SERVICE, and INTEGRITY.   SCIENCE   SCIENCE is at the core of the SERVICE we provide. Without the proper scientific knowledge, we cannot maintain your investment or our INTEGRITY. Our managers and technicians are trained to know how various chemicals interact with different water conditions. We know how weather causes changes in the chemical makeup of pool water. Most importantly, we know how to be proactive in […]

Swim Chem President and California Pool & Spa Association (CPSA) President  Jerry Wallace joined CPSA Executive Director John Norwood on a tour of the Zodiac Pool Systems facilities and for meetings with Zodiac executives on Tuesday July 19th. The meetings centered around the good work CPSA does on behalf of its membership, and in fact the entire industry. CPSA successes in dealing with the drought and other legislative and regulatory […]

        Swim Chem’s Comprehensive Conservation Awareness   At Swim Chem we are committed to helping our customers conserve as much water and energy as possible.   In today’s world everyone is more aware that resources are limited.   It is important to be more water and energy efficient in operating our homes and businesses.   Our president, Jerry Wallace, also serves as the chairman of the board for the California Pool […]

At Swim Chem we believe being a successful business means more than  keeping the doors open….it means being good for your community! We provide our community with quality swimming pool products and services at fair prices…..and we’ve been doing it for over 46 years now! But that’s not enough! We provide good jobs with fair pay, good insurance and benefits for our team members and their families. But that’s not […]

Introducing the Puripool Process!! Swim Chem is happy to introduce the Puripool Process to the greater Sacramento swimming pool market! Periodically swimming pools need to be drained due to high calcium hardness (CH), high total dissolved solids (TDS), excessive cyanuric acid (CYA) levels, high salt content and many other reasons. Some of these are caused or contributed to by the normal course of evaporation and refill and/or through the addition […]

As we approach Thanksgiving next week we wanted to express our THANKS. We are very thankful for our employees. Without our faithful, knowledgeable and loyal employees we would not be the industry leader that we are. They put the vision of our company into practice everyday and do it very well. We are thankful for our customers for without you, we would not be able to provide employment opportunities for […]

We are well into the fall season and hopefully a rainy season will be in our near future. In May, Governor Brown enacted an executive order mandating a statewide water use reduction of 25% over 2013 usage. So far, we have been able to meet and often exceed those expectations on a statewide basis. But that was during the  heat of summer. Many municipalities and water districts put strict outdoor […]