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Swim Chem Supports Charity

Swim Chem is proud be an Allegiant Giving Corporation partner company. The Allegiant Giving Corporation is a 501 c 3 charitable organization in south Placer county. Our motto is, Investing in Today’s Heroes and Tomorrow’s Leaders.

Allegiant Giving exists solely to drive the enrichment of our local community through the development of its future leaders.   Our focus centers on meaningful opportunities — the advancement of youth sports programs and military veteran services.   Each cause is a deserving, vital component for strengthening the fabric of our society, yet are underfunded.   Allegiant Giving aims to bring about a positive change.

Allegiant Giving is committed to making a significant difference by investing in today’s heroes and tomorrow’s leaders.   With generous corporate and individual contributions, especially during these economically challenging times, we continuously strive to support these worthwhile endeavors.

As these athletes and service men and women grow into full adulthood, the loving community support, along with values and lessons learned, empower them to become effective leaders.   And as they succeed, we succeed.

Allegiant Giving is making an impact and changing lives. We recently held a fundraiser in Rocklin where we raised over $44,000. Part of that was used to purchase an action track wheelchair for a disabled veteran. The recipient told the attending crowd that he would now be able to easily attend and participate in his daughters upcoming beach wedding! Chairs of this type allow disabled veterans to participate in outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing that they would otherwise have limited abilities to participate in. And yes, even a beachfront wedding. The autonomy that these chairs afford these veterans is life changing. The recipient at the fundraiser was actually out on the dance floor “dancing”! The smile on his face will never be forgotten! Paying back to those who have given for all of us and paying it forward for our future leaders is what Allegiant is all about!

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