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Thanksgiving Thoughts

As we approach Thanksgiving next week we wanted to express our THANKS. We are very thankful for our employees. Without our faithful, knowledgeable and loyal employees we would not be the industry leader that we are. They put the vision of our company into practice everyday and do it very well. We are thankful for our customers for without you, we would not be able to provide employment opportunities for our employees who can then provide for their families. We are thankful that you allow us to care for one of your most valuable posessions, your swimming pool. You allow us the opportunity to provide you with the finest in swimming pool water quality. In return you provide us the ability to provide a good work environment for our employees and a fair compensation package including company health insurance for our employees and families. We are thankful to work with chemical, equipment and parts distributors who are second to none and are always there to help us remain as the best in our area! We are thankful that our preferred equipment manufacturers provide us with high quality, energy efficient equipment that are environmentally friendly and efficient for our customers. We are thankful for our new venture in recycling old swimming pool water instead of just sending down the drain and refilling. This is good for the environment and responsible stewrdship of a precious natural resource. We are thankful that we live in the greates nation in the world, the United States of America. We are thankful for our veterans and current military members who have given us and protect our life in this great country. We are thankful for our families who tolerate long workdays and few holidays off during the course of the year. Thanksgiving is one of the holidays that we are able to take off and enjoy time with our families and friends. Swim Chem will be closed on Thursday and Friday to celebrate Thanksgiving. All of our pools scheduled for service next week will be serviced Monday thru Wednesday. Pools scheduled for Thursday and Friday will be serviced Monday thru Wednesday. If you lock your gates, you may call the office to see which day you will be serviced so you may unlock it. Thank you for listening and everyone please have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!