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Corona Virus Update

We wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to all of our customers and the public at large regarding how Swim Chem and Aqua Chlor by Swim Chem are dealing with the Corona Virus and the various local and CA state stay at home order. In all of these orders and the guiding information from the Department of Homeland Security, there are exemptions allowed. Without digging into all of the weeds, the short story is this as pertains to our services. There is an exemption which allows for essential home services for sanitation. We are covered there as properly sanitizing the water is what we do. Our service is essential because without proper water sanitation, mosquitos can take over and create a potential outbreak of West Nile Virus. We do not need that on top of the Corona Virus pandemic! There are a myriad of other waterborne illnesses that can proliferate if proper sanitation and water chemistry is not done on residential and commercial swimming pools. Therefore, our services will continue as scheduled unless further developments and orders should change. Additionally we do not generally have much direct interaction with our customers. If you are out in your yard, we ask that you please respect the social distancing recommendations as issued or return to inside your home. The Centers For Disease Control (CDC has indicated that there is no indication that the corona virus can survive in properly maintained and chlorinated water, therefore it cannot be transmitted through the pool/spa water or drinking water. As we service each pool our technicians put their hands in the water to get water samples to test and in doing so, are essentially sanitizing their hands at each pool we service. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we all deal with this critical situation.