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Pool Services

Pool Maintenance & Equipment Repair

Serving Sacramento, Vacaville, Fairfield & Nearby Areas

At Swim Chem, we offer a variety of services to take the hassle out of keeping your pool and spa properly maintained. From regularly scheduled cleaning services to emergency clean-up to equipment repairs or replacement, we’ve got all your needs covered.

Routine Maintenance

Many factors such as sun exposure, extreme weather, wind-blown debris, as well as frequency and volume of usage can quickly throw off your pool water’s chemical balance. When this happens, harmful bacteria and even algae can grow in no time. This creates unsafe conditions for swimmers, in addition to putting great strain on your filters and other equipment and impairing their ability to do their jobs. Proper care and maintenance are necessary to keep your pool both beautiful and functional.

Many pool owners don’t have the time or simply dread the effort required to keep their pools and spas in tip-top shape. That’s where Swim Chem comes in! Our low rates and flexible routine service packages take the stress out of pool maintenance without making you feel guilty! With our highly trained service professionals, dependable scheduling, and regular communication, you can rest assured of top-quality pool care and prompt notice of any issues that may arise with your pool.

We work Monday thru Friday. We start as early as 6:30 A.M.! We work all summer holidays that fall on a weekday, even Memorial Day, Labor Day and Independence Day. We do take off Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving week. We will also take off two or three days for Christmas and the same for New Years, even if the actual holiday falls on a weekend. This is to allow our employees some family time since we work all other holidays. All pools scheduled for service during those three holiday weeks will be serviced during the week. It just may just not be on your regular service day.

All of our packages require an additional $25 annual conditioning fee. Please choose from our Full Pool Service, Basket Service, or Chemical Service packages.