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Pool Cleaning Services

Pool Basket & Pool Chemical Services

For the busy homeowner who may not need full pool service, we offer a basket pool service to keep your mind at ease. Our monthly program is great for the pool owner who doesn’t want to worry about emptying the basket or skimmer, as well as chemical maintenance, as we perform the necessary water chemistry tests and provide the pool chemicals.

Please read through our Basket Service to see if this service works best for you. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Basket Service

In addition to the basic chemical service package, we will empty your skimmer basket(s), pump pot basket and automatic pool cleaner bag each time we visit your pool. Please be aware that certain pools, or all pools at certain times of the year, may require additional emptying of these baskets other than when we do it on your regularly scheduled basic chemical service day. This remains your responsibility. Basket service is $91 per month*.

*Plus $25 annual conditioning fee.