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Cool Pool Tips

Swim Chem President and California Pool & Spa Association (CPSA) President  Jerry Wallace joined CPSA Executive Director John Norwood on a tour of the Zodiac Pool Systems facilities and for meetings with Zodiac executives on Tuesday July 19th. The meetings centered around the good work CPSA does on behalf of its membership, and in fact […]

        Swim Chem’s Comprehensive Conservation Awareness   At Swim Chem we are committed to helping our customers conserve as much water and energy as possible.   In today’s world everyone is more aware that resources are limited.   It is important to be more water and energy efficient in operating our homes and businesses.   Our […]

Ask Our Pool Expert, Jerry Wallace If you own a pool or spa, or would like to, you may have some questions about water chemistry, the best pool equipment, and much more. When you have been in the pool and spa industry as long as we have, you understand pool care, water chemistry, and all […]

We are obviously all concerned with the electricity crisis that we are facing here in California. Conservation should be in all of our minds. However, as a pool owner you must make decisions that will conserve when possible, yet still provide you with the crystal clear water that we all enjoy and protect the investment […]