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Full Pool Service

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Worry-Free Full Pool Service

For those who want ultimate pool care, we offer Full Service. (Available in certain service areas only.) With this package, we visit the pool once per week year-round. We provide all of the water chemistry service benefits in our basic chemical service. In addition, we empty the skimmer baskets, pump pot basket and automatic pool cleaner bag and screens on each visit. We remove any leaves and debris either floating on the service or lying on the bottom of the pool. We brush the steps, swim-outs, loveseats and offsets. Filters are cleaned as needed with frequency of cleaning based on the size of the pool, the size and type of filter, and the backyard environment as well as swim load.

Below is a complete list of items covered in our Full Pool Service package:

  • Once a week visits year round.
  • We empty skimmer basket(s), pump basket and automatic pool cleaner bag each visit.
  • Remove any debris floating on water surface.
  • Remove leaves and debris from pool surface.
  • Brush steps, love seats and swimouts or offsets.
  • Clean filter on a regular basis as necessary.
  • Maintain water chemistry as described under Chemical Services.
  • Pools must have an operational automatic cleaner in pool.
  • Minimum pricing begins at $159 per month* and go up from there.
  • Full service not available in all areas.

*Plus $25 annual conditioning fee.

To qualify for this service, the pool must be equipped with a properly functioning automatic pool cleaner. The price for this service begins at $159 per month and up based on the size of the pool and the backyard environment. Firm prices are available by bid only. Annual conditioning fee also applies.